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Bukkit inventory slots

bukkit inventory slots

Closes the inventory view. int, convertSlot (int rawSlot). Converts a raw slot ID into its local slot ID into whichever of the two inventories the slot points to. public interface PlayerInventory extends Inventory. Interface to the inventory of a Player, including the four armor slots and any extra slots. Returns a HashMap with all slots and ItemStacks in the inventory with the given Material. void, clear(). Clears out the whole Inventory. void, clear(int index). A player's crafting inventory, with 4 CRAFTING slots and a RESULT slot. The following should never be invoked by an EventHandler comic book online InventoryClickEvent using the HumanEntity or InventoryView associated with this event: This post has been edited 2 times, last edit by "PhilipHell" Mar 12th4: Wie berechnet man das denn ein? Returns the first slot in the inventory containing an ItemStack with the given stack. Ich werde heute Abend mal testen was denn so für mich am besten funktioniert. bukkit inventory slots

Bukkit inventory slots - hinaus

ItemStack getCursor Get the item on the cursor of one of the viewing players. Yes, my password is: Check the total number of slots in this view, combining the upper and lower inventories. This method allows you to change the maximum stack size for an inventory. This does not check if the ItemStack is a chestplate. Hence, all the slots that are "open".


How To Make a Bukkit Plugin: Episode 76 *Inventory GUI*


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